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2016 Kemetamorphosis Conference

The 2016 Kemetamorphosis Conference provides our brothers and sisters who’ve travelled to ancient Kemet with Bro. Anthony Browder (over the past 30 years) an opportunity to REUNITE, RELAX and REKINDLE the comradery, love, brother/sisterhood established with each other in Kemet. For anyone who has not travelled to Kemet with Bro. Browder, the Conference is an opportunity for you to connect with positive, like-minded, people and get a first-hand glimpse of what the whole “Kemetamorphosis” experience was/is all about. The Conference is also an opportunity to RECHARGE – to fill your cells with transformative information that will increase your awareness and help you consciously navigate the current economic, social and political climate. We have an awesome lineup of world-renowned guest speakers, activities and topics that will challenge, inspire and transform you into action. Lastly, the Conference will REMIND you that you must RECONNECT with and RELEASE your greatness within. Our ancestors were once called to do great things. They rose to the occasion. We can travel to Kemet today and still witness their great accomplishments. Now, in the 21st century, in 2016, WE are, ONCE AGAIN, CALLED to do EVEN GREATER THINGS and must rise to the occasion, just as our ancestors did. The Kemetamorphosis continues…

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