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Amadeuz Christ talks "Heavy is the Crown" on The Philippe Matthews Show

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Out of Darkness director Amadeuz Christ premiered the new trailer for the highly anticipated film Heavy is the Crown on the Philippe Matthews Show, allowing viewers to get the first look at the follow up to the acclaimed 2016 film Out of Darkness. On the show Amadeuz Christ discussed how the project came to be after coming off of the success of the first film, and how his travels to Egypt, Sudan, and Rome help to inspire the creation of Heavy is the Crown. In the interview, the Out of Darkness director also details the recent three-year distribution deal for Out of Darkness, in addition to revealing the official release date for Heavy is the Crown Vol.1, which will release on all major streaming platforms. Amadeuz also explains how Heavy is the Crown will be released in pieces, encompassing a larger art project of which NFT's (Non-Fungible Token) will play a large part in.

Out of Darkness: Heavy is the Crown Vol. 1 is due for release on April 22, 2022 on all major streaming platforms.

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